Milk Analysis

LactoFlash Dairy Analyser

Funke Gerber Lactoflash Dairy Analyser

The Funke Gerber LactoFlash is an accurate, reliable instrument for rapid analysis of the main constituents of milk. It directly measures Fat and S.N.F. (Solid Non Fat) and then calculates Density, Protein, Lactose and Freezing Point. Countless installations in institutes and laboratories all over the world attest to the outstanding quality, reliability and accuracy of this chemical analysis device.

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LactoStar Milk Analyser

Measurement Principle:
The milk sample is sucked into the measuring cells
by means of a pump. Both the fat content as
well as the SNF are determined by using thermal
measurement effects (RedBox).

Additional Wavelengths
Protein, lactose, density and minerals are
determined in addition with the aid of a second
measuring cell that is equipped with a combined
impedance / turbidity sensory technology by using
4 different optical wavelengths (BlueBox). The freezing
point is calculated on the basis of the measured values
that are ascertained

Appliance characteristics Calibration
The devices can store 20 different sets of
calibration data. Various types of milk, e.g.
full-cream milk, skim milk, cream, etc. can be
analysed. You can change from one product
to another without having to undertake a
new calibration.

Parallel interface (Printer connection),
Serial interface (PC connection,
software is included in the delivery)

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