+++ New in Autumn 2019 +++


+++ New in Autumn 2019 +++


The SITA FoamTester analyses the characteristics of surfactant-containing liquids easy, fast and precise with automated measuring
sequences. The measuring device uses innovative optical measuring methods to determine foam characteristics such as foam volume,
stability, drainage as well as foam structure.


- Fast contact-free and high-resolution optical scan of the foam surface with structured light
- Safe and continuous detection of the foam-liquid interface even with turbid and dark liquids
- Fast and high-resolution measurement of the foam structure for the entire foam level,
analysis of the different bubble sizes and other characteristic values
- Fully-automated measuring process including sample conditioning and cleaning
- Individually programmable sequences for generating and analysing foam


Application Examples



- Shampoos 

- Soaps

- Toothpaste



Food and Beverages

- Beer

- Coffee 

- Juices (filling)  



Cleaning Agents 

- Detergents

- Spray cleaners




- Cooling lubricants

- Defoamingagents

- Emulsion