Hand-held Tensiometer for Process Monitoring and Quality Control


Hand-held Tensiometer for Process Monitoring and Quality Control


The mobile hand-held Tensiometer measures the surface tension as well as the surfactant concentration easily and quickly in the laboratory and at the production line. It directly shows the measuring results on a comfortable display and alerts the user if defined limit values are exceeded.

sita dynotester software ile ilgili görsel sonucu
The DynoTester+ is especially used in following applications:
- Controlling the surfactant concentration in industrial parts cleaning industry
- Monitoring the surfactant concentration in electroplating baths
- Measuring the surface tension of liquids at the plant (atline) or in the laboratory (offline)
- Quality control of inkjet inks, paints and lacquers/varnishes
- Incoming and outgoing inspections of surfactant containing goods
- Mobile use for external work




Like all SITA Tensiometer, the DynoTester+ is based on the bubble pressure method for measuring the dynamic surface tension of liquids.

The principle of the bubble pressure method is, that an air stream is lead through a capillary into the process liquid. A sensor measures the pressure which is needed to generate a bubble.

The Windows-Software SITA-ProcessLog allows an easy control of all functions of the tensiometer with the PC as well as a comfortable management of the saved measuring data.

Management and graphical analysis of saved measuring data
Documentation and evaluation of the process and products‘ characteristics
Controlling the measurement via PC in the laboratory
Simple generation of concentration curves based on defined samples